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ELF Series Flow Sensor 


The Enhanced Low Flow (ELF) sensor from Creative Sensor Technology measures rate of flow in small diameter closed pipe irrigation systems. 

This innovative new design, issued US patent no. 10060774 B1 in 2018, allows this sensor to measure flow rates over a range from .20 to 20 GPM using the proven impeller technology of the other CST flow sensors. 

The ELF also features two output signal options. The first is a two wire linear frequency similar to our FSI series sensors and compatible with most SMART irrigation controllers.  The second is the new SP3 version that has three wires and produces a pulse output scaled 1 pulse equals 1 gallon for counter type controller inputs


This new design eliminates the need for straight pipe sections up and downstream of the sensor allowing for installation in tighter spaces. In fact, solenoid valves may be connected directly to the downstream end of threaded ELF versions resulting in a flow sensor/master valve combination less than 12 inches long. 

Designed for the harsh environment of irrigation service, Creative Sensor Technology now warranties all of its sensor electronics with a lifetime replacement guarantee. 


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Data Sheet
Installation Guide
Installation Guide SP3 Series
Installation Detail –
Installation Detail –
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with Master valve
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ELF Announcement
ELF SP3 Announcement
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