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Natural resources on this Earth have been depleting for decades, but luckily public awareness has been growing. The populace is realizing that resources aren’t limitless, and a Green Movement has been born to try to reduce, recycle, and reuse these great resources. Water is our most precious natural resource, and the irrigation world is working to try and conserve it. Unfortunately, using water for irrigation landscapes is considered wasteful to those uneducated in the benefits of healthy turf and plant materials. Negative press is easy to maintain when we see sprinklers running in the rain, small geysers pouring water into the streets, or water pooling on the surface of a park from a stuck valve. To combat this negative image, irrigation systems must become more efficient and conserve water. Creative Sensor Technology is doing its part to making irrigation systems more efficient with smart flow sensors and flow processors.


Creative Sensor Technology was founded by a team of multi-talented individuals dissatisfied with the status quo in flow measurement products for environmentally sensitive water conservation applications.  The team has over 100 years experience in designing, manufacturing and applying impeller type flow sensors.

We are proud to be an American manufacturer and design, build and test our products in Southeastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire for shipment worldwide.

CST’s focus is on the design, development and domestic manufacture of products featuring new and innovative technology to electronically detect and measure flow of water through piping systems. Included in the product offerings will be an array of devices to condition and transmit that information to irrigation, water treatment and pump control devices.

Key elements to our product design criteria include: measurement accuracy, installation simplicity and long service life in the intended environment.



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