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FSI B Series Brass Flow Sensor


Creative Sensor Technology FSI series flow sensors feature proven impeller based technology designed for flow monitoring/flow control applications in irrigation, water conservation and related industries.


The brass bodied sensor with FNPT connections is offered for service in metallic piping systems at points of connection or on pump assemblies.


Designed by the same team who created the original impeller flow sensor, this sensor is a completely new custom cast design. The sensor features a digital output signal proportional to flow. The electrical characteristics of the output signal duplicate existing impeller flow sensor signals making the FSI series sensor compatible with all manufacturer’s control products.


The pulse signal will travel up to 2,000 feet without amplification. 

The key elements of this new technology are a proprietary mounting tee, ultra-lightweight impeller and solid state sensing electronics giving the FSI series sensor improved performance.


Features designed into the brass tee type sensor include:


  • Wide flow measurement range beginning at low velocity

  • No significant pressure drop

  • Proven moisture resistant construction for wet environments or underground installations

  • Simple installation – mounting tee uses common pipe threads – sensor design positions impeller correctly in the flow path

  • Easy to service — single large retaining nut holds the sensor insert in the housing

1inch brass tee2-min.png
Data Sheet
Installation Guide
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Installation Detail
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