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ISF-302-00 Isoflow Transmitter

The Model 302 Isoflow is a signal control device that receives the signal from one digital flow sensor and provides two electrically isolated outputs. The Isoflow is compatible with all CST flow sensors and most other sensors producing a square wave output proportional to flow rate. It is not compatible with Hunter HFS sensors.

The Isoflow also provides optional control inputs allowing the device to selectively switch outputs from one channel to the other or both. Control inputs are also electrically isolated from each other, the flow input and outputs and the power supply. The Model 302 features four LEDs to indicate operating conditions and aid in diagnostics.

Isoflow Installation Guide

Isoflow Data Sheet

Isoflow Installation Detail
with NO MV Relays

Isoflow FAQ

Isoflow Installation Detail
with NC MV Relays

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