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The Model PCT-120 converts the scaled pulse contact closure type of signal common to most water meters to a frequency output for use by most irrigation controllers. 

Water meters were designed as totalizers, recording and displaying total water usage. To automate these devices, they are equipped with an output device that produces a pulse scaled to units of measure such as one pulse per gallon. Most irrigation controller flow circuits are designed to receive an input frequency (pulses per second) proportional to the rate of flow. 

At lower flow rates, the controller is unable to read the pulse type output because the time between pulses is too long. 

The PCT-120 receives these slower pulses from the water meter and converts them into a frequency fast enough for the controller to accept. 

The PCT-120 is designed and built for service in the harsh electrical environment of irrigation control systems. 

The Model PCT-120 features two LEDs to indicate operating conditions and aid in diagnostics. 

Data Sheet
Installation Guide
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