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CBF-100-00 Combiflow Transmitter

The Series 100 Combiflow is a signal control device that conditions and scales the signals from two digitalflow sensors and combines them into one scalable digital output.

The Combiflow device is compatible with all CST flow sensors and most other sensors producing a square or sine wave output proportional to rate of flow. It is not compatible with Hunter HFS sensors.

The device produces a single square wave output combining the total rate of flow of the input devices. The input devices do not need to be of equal size or manufacture.

The output signal may be scaled to resemble the output of one of the connected flow sensors, another larger flow sensor or a Custom value.

Combiflow Data Sheet 

Combiflow Installation Guide

Combiflow FAQ 

Combiflow Detail Wiring

Wiring 2 Combiflow in Series Installation Detail

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