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ISF-304-00 ISO4 Flow Isolator 

The ISO4 Isoflow is a signal processor that allows up to four control devices to share one flow sensor and control one master valve. 

The ISO4 provides four electrically isolated flow outputs and four corresponding control inputs allowing the device to selectively direct outputs only to the operating controllers. In addition it pro-vides an isolated master valve power output allowing as many as four controllers to operate one solenoid operated master valve, eliminating the need for relays. 

The Isoflow is compatible with all CST flow sensors and most (2 wire) sensors producing a pulse output signal proportional to flow rate. Please note: ISO4 is not compatible with Hunter HFS flow sensors. 

It is also compatible with all normally open or normally closed master valves with a solenoid power rating of .50 A Inrush @ 24 VAC (12 VA) or less. 

The ISO4 features a full array of LEDs to indicate operating conditions and aid in diagnostics. 

The ISO4 is expandable to eight outputs with the addition of a second module and ribbon cable. 

ISO4 Data Sheet

ISO4 Installation Guide

ISO4 Wiring Diagram with NC Master Valve

ISO4 Wiring Diagram with NO Master Valve

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