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Interface & Control


CST interface & control products are electronic modules that make sharing, combining or retro-fitting our flow sensors easier to do. Not all irrigation systems have only one water supply or one controller. Often, flow information is needed by more than one irrigation controller, or is also shared with a booster pump or fertigation control panel. Our Isoflow products allow the signal from one flow sensor to be shared between as many as six different controls. Many times there is more than one water source or point of connection to an irrigation system. Our Combiflow product combines the signals of two flow sensors into one output.

Combiflows accept signals from two flow sensors, scale and combine them into one flow output.

Isoflows allow the signal from a flow sensor to be split into separate, controllable outputs and shared by two or more controllers.

The DFM 6300 series flow monitor connects to any CST flow sensor and displays rate of flow and total flow on an illuminated display. 

Flow Simulators produce scaled outputs like an operating flow sensor. They are a helpful tool in start-ups, troubleshooting or demonstrating the operation of a smart controller.

The Pathway system provides a reliable, cost effective method to add flow monitoring and control to installed systems where existing pavement, hardscape or other landscape features make conventional wiring prohibitively expensive. 

The Pathway PWY-400-H02 is a communications system that allows a pulse type flow meter (reed switch) and master valve to be retrofit to an irrigation system utilizing existing zone wire to carry flow information and valve control signals between the irrigation controller and the POC.

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