New ELF-SP3 connects to 

Hydrawise™ controllers 

Creative Sensor Technology introduces the next version of the ELF (Enhanced Low Flow} meter with a three wire scaled pulse output to connect to all Hunter Hydrawise™ irrigation controller models. 

Now users of the Hunter HC, Pro– C, HCC or Pro-HC can use all the great features of the ELF Series meters: 

  • Flow measurement range from 0.25 to 25 GPM 

  • Working pressure rating of 240 PSI 

  • No requirement for straight pipe before or after the meter 

  • Virtually no friction loss 

  • Available in 3/4 inch PVC socket or 1 inch threaded Noryl versions 


The SP3 electronics produce a pulse type output: 1 pulse = 1 gallon, and these electronics are also covered by our lifetime warranty. 

Click on the green flow sensor button below to find out more about the new ELF.


Why flow sensors? 

A broken 1 1/2 '' PVC pipe running at 50 psi will discharge over 10,000 gallons in 30 minutes or over 168,000 gallons running for 8 hours. Flow sensors are capable of detecting these leaks to prevent water loss. 

Our goal as good stewards of our resources is to provide the most water efficient irrigation design, best sprinkler selection and most efficeint scheduling possible. We can employ moisture sensing devices or input ET calcuations to adjust start frequency or run times. But all the water saving practices we design into our system can be lost with an undetected pipe break or valve malfunction. 

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