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As our name says - we’re creative!

Announcing our latest creation; our high performing FSI-T Series flow sensors are now available with a scaled pulse output.

Our most popular flow sensors are now available as SP3 models with a 1 pulse = 1 gallon output signal making them ideal for use with all Hunter Hydrawise controller models.

Now you can measure tiny drip zones as small as 0.2 gpm or giant turf rotors with an output of 160 gpm with our expanding family of SP3 flow sensors, while still enjoying all the proven benefits of CST’s impeller technology.  

  • Flow measurement range

- 1” T100.85 to 52 gpm

- 1 ½” T15 1.8 to 108 gpm

- 2” T20 2.8 to 170 gpm

  • 240 psi working pressure rating

  • LED indicator on sensor

  • Friction loss at full flow averages 0.20 psi


Like all our sensors, the FSI-SP3 models will be backed by our lifetime electronics warranty. READ MORE


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Why flow sensors? 

A broken 1 1/2 '' PVC pipe running at 50 psi will discharge over 10,000 gallons in 30 minutes or over 168,000 gallons running for 8 hours. Flow sensors are capable of detecting these leaks to prevent water loss. 

Our goal as good stewards of our resources is to provide the most water efficient irrigation design, best sprinkler selection and most efficeint scheduling possible. We can employ moisture sensing devices or input ET calcuations to adjust start frequency or run times. But all the water saving practices we design into our system can be lost with an undetected pipe break or valve malfunction.